Company Overview


Point to Point Solution Inc was founded in 2012 with our Headquarters in New York City. Point to Point Solution was Co-Founded by Chris Cevallos and Demetrius Sampson who both worked in the Financial Industry for over 15 years providing high level Support for Startup Hedge Funds, Broker-Dealers, Private Equity and Investment Funds. Below is a brief BIO on Chris and Demetrius:

Chris Cevallos

Chris Cevallos

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Chris Cevallos is CEO and Co-Founder of Point-to-Point Solution. Early in his career, while supporting the computer lab at Pace University, Chris realized that his passion for helping others and providing good customer support would be a key element in his career. This willingness to help others work with technology, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to start Point-to-Point Solution Inc, (PTPS).

Chris has over 15 years of experience in computer science and has provided support and managed computer networks for finance, insurance, and media firms in addition to non-profit organizations. Under Chris' leadership, Point-to-Point Solution has worked to improve technology for business and home users by honing in on two components: Making technology user-friendly and cost-effective.

The Company originated with a group of Certified Industry Experts who serve as the Team Leads for our various clients. Each Team Lead serves as a direct point of contact for sites and as a Senior Level Engineer for the techs under him/her. Over the years, PTPS has built up multiple solid satisfying relationships with all of our clients based on this model.

Demetrius Sampson

Demetrius Sampson

Senior Team Lead & Co-Founder

Demetrius Sampson is Team Lead and Senior Systems Engineer of Point-to-Point Solutions. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a BS in Networking & Systems Administration Demetrius started his career in the Finance Industry. From the moment Demetrius started his IT career, he has worked and built many professional, as well as personal, relationships throughout the industry.

Demetrius has over 9 years of experience supporting companies in the finance, e-commerce and legal industries. Demetrius has focused on expanding PTPS' technical skills and staff. Today, his team focuses on client training, Network Security, Developing Standards and cost-effective Disaster Recovery. With the ever changing dynamic of the world around us, technology continues to stay at the forefront. It is his job to make sure that as a company and as a Leader that his Engineers and Staff are fully equipped with the knowledge and technical proficiency to stand among the best.

Demetrius manages multiple teams of engineers who serve as the front line for support to PTPS clients. Overseeing day-to-day decisions and client satisfaction remains his top priority. PTPS continues to grow and expand thanks to that due diligence and those hard work principles.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind by exceeding their expectations in every interaction in order to earn their trust over a long period of time and become a valued and appreciated extension of their company.

We empower our clients to focus on their business which enhances and accelerates their success. We know that exceeding expectations in every interaction depends on mutual respect and communication. We carry this out by providing our Engineers with a challenging opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Our Values


The honesty with which we conduct ourselves. Integrity is the foundation upon which all other values are built. Our interactions with each other, clients, and vendors are based on the highest sense of ethical behavior. Integrity can be described as “what you do when no one else is watching.


Our clients, vendors, partners, and employees know that our word is good, we honor our commitments, and we can be depended upon. Our clients entrust us with their networks, employees trust us with their futures, and the company trusts employees to make the best use of their time. Trust is the framework of our business.


We operate in a dynamic and changing environment. We actively seek opportunities in all aspects of our business and execute our mission vigorously.


Our efforts must be coordinated and synchronized in order to have optimal results with minimal friction. Our servant leadership model encourages leaders to master the art of communicating effectively. Leaders must listen, support and enable their teams while setting the highest standard for conduct and performance. Leaders must be unwavering in their expectations for excellence.


Our conduct, knowledge and bearing identify us as experts in the field of information technology. Our reputation is earned every day by the way we go about our duties. Our professionalism should be evident in our interactions with clients, internal staff, and vendors.