Case Study: G2 Investment Group

Industry: Finance

G2 Investment Group Partners and Shareholders create direct investments and investment platforms. G2s Mission Statement:

  • Investment company that creates partnerships with asset operators rather than fund managers.
  • Provide appropriate architecture and strategic capital to our operating partners.
  • Align incentives and interests with operators to promote long term partnerships.
  • Focus on enterprise value and tax deferral benefits that accrue to companies.
  • Invest in assets of need such as real estate and energy, which have infinite duration and asymmetrical return.
  • Apply the teachings of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway to assets that should be owned for decades.

Before PTPS

G2 outsourced their IT to a company headquartered in Philadelphia which soon began to hinder their growth and it was apparent a change was needed. G2 quickly outgrew their IT provider and was referred to PTPS through an employee who had worked with PTPS at a former employer


Aging Technology
As the company grew the Technology stayed the same. Lots of equipment was End of Life or had no warranties associated with them. Third party Invoices weren't reviewed quarterly and had services that weren't even being utilized (ISP, Phone System, Hosted Email etc).

Their IT Provider at the time had multiple entry level technicians who would go to G2 twice a month and most times didn't even address all the issues that would accumulate. They were constantly having to wait for things to be fixed and didn't know most times who would be coming onsite. There was no consistency in the techs or resolution of issues.


Upon arrival at G2, PTPS immediately had their Senior Team Lead assess the entire environment from top to bottom and put into effect a 3 month plan to bring the infrastructure up to date. G2 got continuity as the Team Lead comes onsite twice a week along with another engineer to give the much needed presence G2 wanted.

IT Strategists
The Team Lead and CEO of PTPS specifically got to know the operations of G2 and started breaking down each Invoice of every Third Party Vendor in alignment to the company. As a result of working hand and hand with the business, PTPS was able to cut G2s IT related expenses by Fifty Thousand annually through vendor consolidation, reformed contracts and moving to more efficient platforms.