Case Study: Accounting & Compliance International

Industry: Accounting

ACI provides independent broker dealers with turnkey accounting solutions that minimize risk, reduce costs and maximize reporting accuracy:

Over the past 30 years, Accounting & Compliance International (ACI) has established itself as the premier broker dealer financial consulting firm on Wall Street. ACI brings together professionals leading the accounting, financial services and regulatory industries.

Before PTPS

ACI had an unstable network environment that consistently caused productivity stoppages for its employees. Their IT provider at the time were very slow in responding to issues and even slower in resolving. The environment built by this former IT provider wasn't setup correctly and was setup with outdated technology.


IT Provider
The former IT Provider lacked the physical and remote presence necessary to maintain that level of efficiency needed. The company was based in California, which is a timezone 3 hours behind ACI. This caused loss of productivity when employees had computer or network problems and needed immediate assistance. When the former IT company finally did reply it was always past the agreed upon SLA. ACI truly felt like they were on their own.

Outdated Technology
The technology implemented at ACI was outdated and all were out of warranty. Servers did not have current warranty and had bad / defective hard drives that needed replacing that if hadn’t been caught would have caused major data loss. The Firewall, Network Switch and Wireless Access Points were all over 9 years old and behind on firmware revisions.

Trust in Technology
ACI due to years of neglect lost their trust in technology. When speaking with the users it was evident that the faith in how technology was supposed to work was completely gone. It was so bad that when users had computer issues they would keep it to themselves and let it fester until the issue was so big that it caused them downtime.


Trust in IT
When Point to Point Solution came on board their presence was immediately felt. The first 2 months (which PTPS called the Onboarding months) there was an IT technician onsite helping with the transition as well as the CEO making sure all issues / concerns were getting addressed. Response times during and after the Onboarding continue to be instant. It was a complete 180 degree turnaround for ACI.

Stable Infrastructure
One of the first things Point to Point Solution did was create an IT Budget on how much it would cost to upgrade warranties, hardware and software to bring everything current and then broke down a cost effective timeline on when to do each. This gave ACI both short term and long term Return on Investment (ROI) for their technology.

Peace of Mind
The greatest pro that happened with the hiring of Point to Point Solution has been the constant Peace of Mind that is given to each employee at ACI. If an employee so much as has a simple question they are no longer hesitant to ask as they now know they will get a response in an instant, no matter whether it’s in or outside business hours.