The PTPS Cybersecurity Pack

All the methodology, tools, and processes that we have developed over the years to detect and
prevent malicious cyberattacks on small and medium sized businesses

Security Audit


Our first step is to conduct a thorough Security Audit and provide a detailed report on your cybersecurity measures, including:

  • User / mailbox login locations (up to 90 days of logs)
  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) status
  • Mailbox forwarding rules
  • Mobile devices
  • Activity from unexpected countries (up to 90 days of logs)
  • Microsoft Secure Score (if using Office365)
  • Transport rules
  • Applications authorized to user data by user applications (if using Office365)
  • Unblocked shared mailboxes (if using Office 365)

Security Report


When our audit is complete, you will receive:

  • Our recommendations to improve your security (including the ongoing monitoring of security alerts)
  • Enhanced Office 365 licensing
  • Improvements to any current alerts
  • Unexpected sign-ins
  • Suspicious login attempts
  • Mass deletion events
  • Mass downloads

What’s Included


Real-time login monitoring

We monitor the login locations for every sign in, and raise an alert on activities from suspicious locations

Phishing protection

Get timely warnings and suggested actions when external threats try to impersonate approved users

Forwarding settings monitoring

We monitor your automatic forwarding settings, which are commonly exploited by hackers to steal data

Security event reporting

Monthly reports on security scores, other important metrics, and security events show you the state of your cybersecurity

Office 365 security auditing

Logging and auditing is enabled across all Office 365 services and mailboxes

Organizational MFA implementation

We enable multi-factor authentication for all users to prevent unauthorized logins

Total email backup

All your emails are securely backed up to a third-party server

Office 365 admin role tracking

Office 365 admin role changes are monitored daily to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your network

Immediate offboarding

Users that are no longer authorized are offboarded in seconds and barred from accessing any company email services