Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We’ll deliver and maintain a software-based (virtual) version of your desktop environments and operating systems. After assessing your unique requirements, we’ll deploy and host your custom virtual machines (VMs) in our data center, administered over the internet, so employees can access their office applications and files securely from any location on any device. Combined with our proactive maintenance, employees can deliver the highest-quality work in less time, and your IT staff will have more resources to focus on other tasks and deliver more value.

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More Security

Our team of security professionals ensure daily patching and backups (in redundant multiple locations for Disaster Recovery). In the event of a local distater, your system will be up and running within minutes.


Best Collaboration

PTPS Workspaces is redefining office collaboration. Your employees benefit from built-in file sharing and unified management.


Best Performanace

Our cloud virtual desktops are two times faster than other systems and you will barely notice that you are using a virtual desktop since the performance is equal to that of a physical PC.